Character COgnition

Peace Dealer



Stephen M. -USA


Reginald sees fear and insecurity not as something to be ashamed of, but as a valuable opportunity to unearth legitimate, human needs through gentle questioning. I was in a place where I needed to make more money for my family, but I was scared of losing sight of loving and serving my audience in the quest for profit. Reggie helped me see how my business could be both profitable and charitable.

Emily M. - UK

Yoga Instructor and Coach

Working with Reginald has been a great experience, not only have I been able to make some amazing changes in my life but Reginald has made this process feel safe and natural. He always puts me at ease and I leave each session feeling inspired and motivated. It's a great feeling to know I have someone else who has my back and is cheering me on. Implementing new habits feels effortless and enjoyable thanks to Reginald!

Tim B. - USA


Working with Reggie was a breath of fresh air in my effort to look inward. I deeply appreciated how he created a space of acceptance, inspiration, and insight to help foster actionable steps in cultivating a more wholesome way of living in my everday life. Sharing his own wisdom from lived experience felt like a gentle invitation came stemming from a place of compassion, love, and a genuine desire to help me grow--and in this process I was able to safely explore, discover, and listen to my own inner wisdom.

Daniel P. - CR

Security Professional

Working with you as my life coach has been an absolute game-changer! My initial goal was narrowed since I was only thinking about my professional life. As we progressed on the coaching, your insights and practical strategies have been incredibly valuable, guiding me through challenges and inspiring positive changes in both my personal and professional life.


Your charisma and uplifting approach have not only made our sessions enjoyable but has also created a comfortable space for me to open and explore my goals. I am grateful for the impact you had on my life.


Overall, working with you helped me understand what was important and balance multiple events in life. Character Cognition's system works and I am proud of taking this journey with you.